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We've done quite a few things in the YoYos - take a look at what we've done so far....

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We started 2014 with an emphasis on poetry: always useful to develop skills with rhythm, volume and clarity of speech. Just before Christmas we performed some examples of the poems we'd been working on.

We then rounded up the year with our Play Picnic - a promenade performance of playlets, pieces, poems, particularly for people peckish for productions! In other words lots of little bits and pieces all, in some way, connected with food. YUM!

We performed just for mums and dads and we already have some of the photos from the performance dotted about the site. We hope to have a few more soon.

photo of young actors with scripts2013

We worked hard this year on building skills and teamwork, and rounded off the year with a production of The Emperor's New Clothes. There were lots of costume changes - in full view of the audience! - and some great singing, and the finished production turned out to be a real hoot!

We were delighted to welcome back former member Caitlin, very close to the performance date, after another member of the company wasn't able to be with us for the show. There wasn't even time to rehearse all the scenes! But Caitlin learned all her lines anyway, came to our rescue and the show went ahead even better than we'd planned.

We said goodbye to a number of members after the show, as they now move up to join the main Unknown Theatre Company.

Both the young actors in this photo, seen here at a line rehearsal, are now with the older group, and later in the year appeared in the main company production of The Snow Queen and will appear in July 2014 in Into The Woods. Both productions form part of the Welsh Proms.

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ildren dressed as cavemen2012

Most of the YoYos joined with the main group's production of Unga Bunga at Llanover Hall in Cardiff in March.

The whole of the YoYos group took part, joining in with various former YoYos who are now in the main group. There was lots of fake fur and messy hair!

There are lots more photos on the main show page for Unga Bunga.

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two actors with masks telling stories


We spent the rest of the year looking at storytelling, particularly through our own tellings of Aesop's Fables - see some of the photos.

We made our own masks and found different ways of telling the various stories. This wasn't a full performance, but an opportunity to show families and friends the kind of work we'd been doing through the summer term.

Gwenni, inspired by the whole process, wrote her own story in the style of Aesop! She read it out for us all at the end of the evening.

At the end of 2012, we said goodbye to several old friends who moved on to other groups, including the main musicals group, and some to our drama group for 13-17 year olds, the Mayos.

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pied piper playing, children reaching out to him2011

The culmination of most of the year's work was performed for parents at Roath Church House in June, as we performed our special modern take on the Pied Piper of Hamelin - see some of the photos. With virtually no props and almost no set, our special band created a rat-infested London like no other!

Most of the YoYos joined with the main group's production of West Side Story at the Howardian Centre in Cardiff in April. This was a large scale production, and the addition of the YoYos made for an enormous cast! Several of last year's YoYos graduates were also in the show.

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from A Midsummer Night's (little) DreamA busy year, 2010!

In November, the YoYos joined the main group for the full scale show Pop Goes the Musical which we performed at the Howardian Centre. The YoYos had some song/dances on their own, but also joined with the older members to perform several songs.

October saw the YoYos contacted by Cardiff-based contemporary music group Waco Gwenci, who joined us for a couple of weeks of filming, for use as part of the film they'll use to accompany their public performances of their music. It was a great opportunity for the group to have some experience of filming, as well as a chance to put into practice some of the miming skills we've been working on.

Also in 2010, two of our members were chosen to be the representatives for Wales at the first ever World from A Midsummer Night's (little) DreamChildren's Theatre Ensemble, which was held in London in September. The group, including children from nearly 30 other countries, worked together for a week, before joining forces with 1000 British young people for a very special evening. The performance was held at The Royal Albert Hall, and everyone enjoyed a truly unique experience - audience and performers alike.

A further two of our members were involved in the main company production, a newly commissioned musical Life, Actually, which was performed in July.

In June, we did a full promenade performance of A Midsummer Night's (Little) Dream - a reduced version of the Shakespeare, but with all the characters and many of the original lines. We couldn't fit too big an audience into the hall, so we had to restrict it to parents only. This was the point that we said goodbye to several members who had reached our upper age limit, including the group from Glyntaf who'd been with us for some time.


one of the rapping trees in Rose and the Wicked Wolfee!In July, the group performed A Typical YoYos Session which gave parents and families a chance to see the kinds of things the group get up to at our weekly sessions, when we're not rehearsing a show.

We also worked on Hiawyn Oram's play The Good Time Boys which we presented as a work-in-progress to parents and family in March.

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2008How to eat like a child

The YoYos joined the main group for our special Christmas concert in December 2008 - A Christmas Cracker. There are some photos on the page too, and show YoYo members in rehearsal. They sang and danced in a number of the songs as part of the whole company.

Three of our more experienced members had small parts in the main company play in July 2008, The Oedipus Plays.

Prior to these, we also did two full public shows:

Rose and the Wicked Wolfee! (March 2008)  How to Eat Like a Child (February 2007)

one of the rapping trees in Rose and the Wicked Wolfee!Click on the links above to find out more about the shows, and to see the photos from them. The photos on this page are taken from the shows and there are lots more YoYo photos scattered about the website.




3rd July 2014

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