Gareth Gibbs:

Glamorgan Drama League Moderator's report April 2002

Thank you so much for entering this delightful show in the 2002 ‘Glammies’ competition. What an achievement to bring so many young people to the stage in such a professional way. Honk! is an extremely difficult musical comedy. Every cast member gave their all and worked so very well together, they are all to be commended.

May we send our sincere thanks to your superb Musical Director, Matthew Brind. He and his colleagues were a joy to listen to, the accompaniment of all the songs was so sensitively handled, as I said, a joy to listen to. The singing was excellent, so much work must have been done by you all to achieve such remarkable results.

Allowing for the fact that the scenery was, so to speak, brought in, the settings were good to look at and the lighting enhanced each scene by being so well handled, congratulations! We particularly enjoyed the scene under the water with frogspawn and fishes etc., but felt the absence of levels, especially when the ducklings were paddling around. Had they been on a higher level it would have given the scene an extra dimension. Equally Henrietta’s house was a joy. The flying ducks suspended as if on a wall, a la Coronation Street style, gave particular pleasure!

The costumes were most effective and well chosen and gave a ‘human’ character to the actors. We like the Cat’s pinstripe suit, Ida’s orange boots, Ugly’s school uniform as well as Henrietta’s bosom! The acting generally was of a very high standard and there were some outstanding characterisations. Ida, played with verve and clarity by Laura Harries. The ‘Ugly’ of Danny Champken, for the way he ‘contained’ his playing.

Likewise The Cat by Steven Payne, the wonderful Greylag of David Sheehan coupled as he was with the effective Dot of Jenny Donoghue. We mustn’t forget the Bullfrog by Matthew Atkins, he ‘lifted’ the plot just at the right time and gave us a ‘big’ personality that lit up the stage. I have a feeling that I’ve left one or two out, if so, forgive me. As I have said, we enjoyed ALL the performances, so please thank all the young people for an excellent show.

Congratulations are most definitely in order to Vic, Jane and Matthew. My wife and I have worked with young people for the past 27 years and understand how much time, energy and patience has gone into the producing of such a remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable show. Thank you again. We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s ‘Glammies.’


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Glamorgan Drama League The Company Youth Award 2002

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About the show  
Dates 10-13 April 2002
Venue Howardian Centre, Cardiff
Director Vic Atkins
Choreographer Vic Atkins
Musical director Matthew Brind
Producer Jane Donoghue
Special facts The Unknown Theatre Company was the first company in South Wales to perform what has now become a regularly performed show across the country.

Photos from the show

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