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Not your usual superhero story, more one of ordinary people coping superhumanly in distressing circumstances. Naomi (aged 9) uses her persona as Silver Lady, Gold Woman’s sidekick, as a way to escape the difficulties that face her and her family in real life. But reality has a way of intruding in on the fantasy and secrets are revealed which affect both worlds.

This musical is not afraid to deal with difficult issues with a believable script and good music. All credit to the cast who bring credibility to the production, and touch the emotions of the audience, with both their acting and singing skills.

I would have liked to see the resolution of a couple of the subplots, but that’s reality for you – things don’t get tied up so nicely.

Solid Gold

internet review by American G.Wood

Thoroughly entertaining and moving performance from a group of very talented teenagers. With beautiful shifts in the music, the plot moved effortlessly between the bitter reality of the real world, and the sparkling vitality of a nine year old’s imagination.

Though some of the script veered close to the melodramatic, it was always saved by the humour of the piece, which didn’t prepare the audience for the devastating emotion of the finale (particularly the central performances of Elizabeth Gauder and Samantha Lloyd).

A wonderful piece of musical theatre; wonderful voices complemented by a knock-out concept and beautiful music. We loved it!

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Glamorgan Drama League - Glammies The Company - for Polyphonic singing Moderator’s Award 2003
Glamorgan Drama League - Glammies Samantha Lloyd Best Actress in a Youth Musical 2003

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Although the show was primarily performed in Edinburgh, it also had two performances in Cardiff which is when it was viewed for the Glammies competition. 


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About the show  
Dates 18-25 August 2002
Venue Venue 13, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Director Vic Atkins
Choreographer Vic Atkins
Musical director Matt Brind
Producer Jane Donoghue
Special facts We performed the show in Edinburgh again, in 2007. To see the page for that show, click here.

Photos from the show

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Gold Woman at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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