Peggy Mason-Gray as Moderator for Glamorgan Drama League Awards - Glammies The production involved nearly 40 young people working on an original script – quite a unique undertaking for a young amateur group. Simply staged using backcloths with music sound effects and lighting giving an atmosphere which was most effective.
A difficult piece for inexperienced players involving choral speaking, acting, song and dance. The technical facilities were very good and apart from some music drowning, the production worked well.

Team Acting: Treat to see young talent performing with energy and enthusiasm. Choral speaking and ensemble work was very well directed and performed, giving the audience the right atmosphere.

Very well choreographed, particularly Cavell & Drudwyn – they brought out the comedy and were a joy to watch.
The Soulcatcher had a nice still presence, quite a skill that is often overlooked.
Souls of Mercy were very appealing and the tots gave their all whenever they appeared in various characters.
Some very good voices gave poignancy to the musical numbers, particularly to “Believe”. The lead players sustained their roles well and obviously the whole cast enjoyed themselves.

Vic Atkins, Philip Michell and Matthew Brind are to be congratulated on bringing to the stage this vibrant and interesting production.

Derek Grattidge

NODA News Show Reviews 2002

It is always a pleasure to see a new musical. Dance of the Dragon was written especially for this Company by Philip Michell (lyrics) and Matthew Brind (music): two very talented young men. The story is about a group of characters who are failures and at the point of despair. They enter the Land of the Fallen Souls and eventually find the Fire of the Dragon. During the piece we are reminded of a few notable failures such as King Arthur, poets that can’t rhyme and comedians without a sense of humour. The music played its part by capturing the mood of the piece. There were many notable performances by the large cast, but unfortunately space prevents me mentioning them all by name. However I must mention the outstanding parts played by Laura Harries and Kieran Pugh as the two dogs, Cavall and Drudwyn. Right in character even when not directly involved in the action. The only criticism would be that I had difficulty in hearing some of the dialogue. Congratulations also to the production team. Presenting a new show cannot be easy but you must have been pleased with the results. This is the first time I have managed to see this Company and I was most impressed. I look forward to visiting you again.

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About the show  
Dates 2002
Venue Howardian Centre, Cardiff
Director Vic Atkins
Choreographer Vic Atkins
Musical director Matthew Brind
Producer Jane Donoghue
Special facts specialfacts

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Dance of the Dragon - Original Cardiff Production

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