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Some of these documents are large and are likely to take some time
to download.  This is done deliberately as they are archive copies, and need to
have sufficient detail to be read easily.


Claire as the Giraffe in Just So



mel moore as Miranda in Return to the Forbidden Planet






Steven and Richard in Dance of the Dragon 05



Anna as Lisa in Dancing on Checkers' Grave




surfing, carmarthen bay - cardiff programme - pdf; swansea one-act festival programme - pdf
ghost city - cardiff progamme - pdf; swansea one-act festival programme - pdf; milford haven programme - pdf
back to the 80s - pdf
christmas cracker 2 - pdf
rumplestiltskin - jpg
you're a good man, charlie brown - pdf file - large file
the oedipus plays - pdf file
facing the truth - pdf file

return to the forbidden planet - pdf file - very large file
during the time of this show, company member Sarah Lark was on BBC TV each week - here's the flyer we circulated around Cardiff to encourage people to vote for Sarah - jpg

rose! ... and the wicked wolfeeee! - pdf file

gold woman - 07 - pdf file. This is the programme from the Cardiff performance

from wales to the west end - pdf file. Very large file - will take a while to download.

telling tales - pdf file

a slice of saturday night - pdf file

how to eat like a child - pdf file

just so - pdf file

seussical - pdf file

changing lives - pdf file

dance of the dragon - 05 - pdf file - large file.

nell's belles - pdf file

les musicals 3 - no programme, but song list on show page

little shop of horrors - pdf file

babes in the wood - pdf file

eat your heart out! - pdf file

godspell - pdf file

rameo and eweliet (edinburgh)

rameo and eweliet (cardiff)

the wizard of oz - pdf file

gold woman

quest gate - pdf file

honk! - pdf file

dance of the dragon (ifmt) - jpg

cinderella - pdf file

dance of the dragon (edin) - pdf file

a christmas cracker - pdf file

dance of the dragon - original - pdf file

les musicals 2

old time music hall - pdf file

dracula spectacular - pdf file

les musicals - pdf file

the lion, the witch, the wardrobe - pdf file

dazzle - pdf file

peter pan - pdf file


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