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The Company has connections with several organisations.  Dance of the Dragon

You can contact them by clicking on any of the logos/links below:

Find out more about companies who have helped us directly by checking out their links on our Sponsorship page.

noda logo and link

NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association)

for the NODA Western Area (our region) site click here

DAW (Drama Association of Wales)

drama associatin of Wales logo

gdl logo and link

Glamorgan Drama League

WAMF (Welsh Amateur Music Federation)

wamf logo and link

Information about Roath - where we often perform

Call Murray Thomson on

01475 796883

ITE (International Theatre Exchange)

amdram logo and link

The site for news about amateur theatre

Where to find out everything about Theatre in Wales

theatre in wales logo and link

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival : click to go to home page
Weinbergers logo Weinbergers: Publishers
Wales on the Web - All Wales Portal: the primary access point for anyone anywhere in the world who wishes to access information and services that are associated with Wales. wales on the web logo and link
bbc logo and link Click on the icon to go directly to a list of number of cultural resources in South Wales.
Another website full of links to Welsh site and resources. wales index logo and link
telstars logo and link Telstars Theatre Company - an award-winning, flourishing adult amateur drama group in Cardiff.  Check out their website
www.Cardiffontheweb or all the info on what's in and around Cardiff




7th February 2015

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