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You could be involved in:

  • acting/singing/dancing
  • technical:  lighting, sound, stage management
  • design: set, props or costume
  • wardrobe
  • set and prop making
  • playing in our orchestra (you would need to be at least Grade 8 standard)
Just So
Jorja as Queen Guinivere in Dance of the Dragon
Jenny Donoghue in Seussical

If you would like to perform with the older group, we would like you to audition for our next show.   All this means is that we would like to hear you sing and read a short piece of a script, and perhaps see you dance.  Please contact us for further details.

There are no auditions for the Unknown YoYos (for 8-12 year olds). Check out the information below about membership of the company in general, and then find out how to join us through our special page for the Unknown YoYos. However, we do hold auditions or audition processes for our older drama groups. Check out our Unknown Drama Groups page for full information.

If you're interested in backstage, music or technical work, please call in at one of our rehearsals so we can meet you and have a chat to find out what you'd like to do.

That's all there is to it!


Annual membership of The Unknown Theatre Company is currently £50 per year (updated as of September 2012).  For this you will become a Company member and have a chance to be involved in the community concerts and other projects that the Company undertakes.  If you are involved with the musical side of our work, you will then need to audition for the minimum of 2 full scale shows we stage a year, as well as for the various projects that arise during your year of membership (see examples of some of our past projects).

You will need to be a member of the Company in order to participate in any or all of our projects.

However, paying your annual membership allows you to become involved in/audition for all age-appropriate shows that the company does.

Fees of £4 per session are payable, at rehearsal. There is a possibility that there will be a slight increase in these fees, to cover the company's costs, but as much notification as possible will be given if there is to be an increase.

We also require cast members to contribute a production fee if they are performing in a show. The production fee will vary from show to show, depending on its complexity and expenses, and is likely to range from £10 to £40.

There is no profit to the company from any of these charges: it is company policy to make access to The Unknown Theatre Company as affordable as possible for everyone. But we have bills to pay too, so we need to ask everyone to contribute so that the company can continue to stage productions.

the chorus in Just So Rehearsals
The main group (aged 13-25) usually meets on Tuesday nights, 7-9.30pm, in Cardiff.  Sometimes, depending on the show, we meet on a Sunday too.

Details of rehearsals/sessions for our drama groups are available on the Unknown Drama Groups page.

Please do contact us if you'd like to come along to a rehearsal, or would like find out more about our future projects and would like to audition.
one of our younger members in Rose and the Wicked Wolfee
Many parents of young people in The Unknown Theatre Company also get involved with projects.  While this is obviously not compulsory, the Company always welcomes help from parents. Making costumes, being a backstage chaperone during performances (providing the parent has achieved an official Chaperone status - we can advise on this), helping with front-of-house duties, and fundraising are particularly useful to the Company as a whole and benefit everyone involved. 


17 January 2017
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