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What we're about

The 40 or so (at any one time) members of our main company range in age from 13-25. We also have a drama group, which sometimes does productions with members from the main group, and sometimes under the banner of The Unknown OUTCasts, with older members too.

Through productions, projects and workshops, we encourage teamwork, commitment and effort.

Everyone is treated equally by the facilitators and is encouraged to co-operate with each other on the projects, thereby developing mutual respect and understanding.

The regular sessions work towards a production every six months or so, together with an increasing amount of exciting unique projects from time to time.

During the course of the year, the young people's experiences will include singing, improvisation and movement sessions.

the opening number of Dance of the Dragon

As they progress through the company, older members are encouraged to participate in some of the decision-making and to become actively involved in all aspects of stage work: including staging, scenery, costumes and props if they wish to do so.

For more information about how The Unknown Theatre Company started and how we got to where we are, see our History page.

  the chorus from The Oedipus Plays The Unknown Theatre Company's aim:

to train young people in the skills of stage and performance,
building confidence that will go with them through their lives
as well as preparing those who want to further a career in the arts.




2016 was a very successful year for The Unknown Theatre Company: we...

  • performed 3 musical shows, including at the Welsh Proms
  • took 3 plays to the Glamorgan One-Act Play Festival, two of which qualified for the Wales Final Festival, one of which qualified for the British Final Festival - and then won it! The first time Wales has won the British Final since 1992.
  • performed a play at the inaugural Cardiff Fringe Theatre Festival

... following up the bumper year that was 2015: in just that one year we...

  • performed several shows, including at the Welsh Proms, and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • won the Glamorgan One-Act Play Festival, and took two plays to the Wales Final Festival
  • worked closely and performed with an American company - McCurdy Theatre Arts
  • took a show to the British All-Winners Festival in Woking
  • did a show about nature - in the open air!
  • performed a classic musical theatre show and a contemporary musical for young people
  • staged a full length play
  • Our junior group, the Unknown YoYos, staged extracts from Shakespeare...


  Honour Roll

To date we have achieved the following: Matt Atkins receiving an award for his Horton in Seussical

  • 80 full-scale productions
  • More than 600 children and young people have appeared in our shows
  • 9 separate productions at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - with our most recent in August 2015
  • Represented the UK by performing at the World Festival of Amateur Theatre in Monaco
  • A cultural exchange with a Japanese youth theatre company
  • A cultural exchange with an American youth theatre company
  • Forged links and visited the High School for the Performing Arts in New York. Twice.
  • Performed in a French drama festival
  • Performed as part of The International Festival of Musical Theatre. Twice.
  • Qualified for, and performed at, the Wales Final Festival of One-Act Plays. Four times. In 2015 & 2016, with two plays. In 2016 we won the British Final Festival, held in the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff.
  • Won the Wales Final Festival and represented Wales at the British Final Festival of One-Act Plays in 2010: the first youth company from Wales to reach this level.
  • Selected to perform a play at the British All Winners Festival where we won an award
  • In 2010 provided both Wales representatives at the first World Children's Theatre Ensemble
  • 3 commissioned new works - our most recent performed in 2010
  • Running a Summer School
  • A reputation as a producer of quality work
  • Community and charity concerts
  • A variety of professionally-run workshops

...and a host of awards


The main objectives of the company are:

  • To offer young people the chance to train in all aspects of the performing arts i.e. drama, dance and singing
  • To provide a platform for young people to perform in those arts
  • To encourage team commitment and effort
  • To provide equal opportunities for all members irrespective of race, culture, religion, special needs, gender and social status
  • To offer unique opportunities, professional and otherwise, that young people would not normally be able to experience
  • To make those opportunities affordable for all so that it is not the case of 'if you have the money, you have the talent.'

The Unknown Theatre Company and Child ProtectionTheseus in the YoYos production of A Midsummer Night's Little Dream

The Unknown Theatre Company takes very seriously the matter of Child Protection and operates a Child Protection Policy.

All Company leaders have received enhanced CRB checks and we strive to ensure that other adults who work with the Company are also checked.

Three of our leaders (Jane, Annette and Lon) are also registered theatrel Chaperones, and we are encouraging other leaders/helpers to acquire this status too.

All effort is made to ensure that the young people in the Company are safe at all times.


Current committee members are:

annette littlechild jane donoghue jenny hibbert - and camera! jenny donoghue
Annette Littlechild Jane Donoghue Lon David Jenny Hibbert Jenny Donoghue
Kelly Littlechild

Melissa Moore
Main committee Youth Committee

Committee members are volunteers and amateur theatre enthusiasts. All give their time tirelessly for the benefit of the Company.  Several are also very active members of the Glamorgan Drama League, and are involved in the GDL's Glammies Awards process, including writing reports on shows for other companies, as part of our own development process. Also, Jane is a member of BAFTA and Lon is a member of the Executive Board of the Drama Association of Wales, and runs this website.



17 January 2017
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